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They call me Killer, whatever that's about....

Hey friends. This is Killer, the Station 57 Cat. I'm a cat who lives in what my primary caretaker likes to refer to as an 'alternative living situation'. It means I live at an EMS station in Brooklyn, NYC. These EMTs and paramedics that work for FDNY had a station that was tough to resist. There was warmth, a few very comfortable rats and a bunch of animal lovers who are suckers for sad eyes and a pitiful meow. How could I say no? 

I moved in one day and just parked myself under their gear rack and made myself comfortable. They tossed me hot dog pieces at first (I mentioned that they're suckers for a sad face, right?). Then someone got me some canned food with a picture of a cat on the label. It was delicious. In pure quid pro quo fashion I tossed them some dead rodents in return. Despite faces of disgust I'm sure they loved it. Who wouldn’t?




A few weeks earlier I found myself under an ambulance in front of my now palace. I like to keep my secrets about what happened before that but let's just say I wasn’t fond of humanity. I was pretty surprised when my howls at no one in particular were answered with some snacks they scrounged from their kitchen. Amazing. The more I howled the more they fed me. I was suspicious so I left (after my belly couldn't handle any more). I was gone for about 2 weeks. Those 2 weeks told me, if nothing else, howling for food is easier than hunting for it and dealing with traffic, other cats, and indifference. So I made my way back to the humans that seemed to enjoy feeding me to see if there were other things they could enjoy doing for me.

So I made my way inside, under the gear racks and stayed there about a month. A vocal minority were not cat people and protested my presence. One solution to their protest was to turn me into a diva online, a role I embraced like a Kardashian. I became Killer that Station 57 Cat which points out that I am part of the station, and also a killer of unwanted pests, take that as you will...