Rest in Peace, Killer

Station57Cat has passed away... 4/8/2019

A Message from Killer's Caretaker

Station57Cat has passed away...


It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved Killer, early this morning, 4/8/2019... it  is through an avalanche of tears that I write this to all of you  who loved her as much as we did. Killer was only at our station for  slightly more than 4 years but those 4 years were filled with so much  love and enjoyment of this sweet and sassy girl that it seemed like much  longer. Through Killers antics a beautiful international community of  wonderful people came together and I  cannot stress enough how much i love you all. With so much strife,  negativity, and uncertainty I could always count on the many comments on  Killer's posts to be friendly, happy, and supportive, especially during  these last few weeks. Killer had such a huge impact in her short life.  She made a stressful job much easier to handle for those of us here at  Station 57. She was an ambassador for promoting alternative living  situations for homeless animals that wouldn't fare well in finding a  regular home. She assisted in getting many of her feral brethren neutered  and adopted. Through Killer, I and my coworkers have made many amazing  friends. Who knew all this would happen when this small shy cat wandered  in and decided to stay? Killer was a fantastic station cat. She figured  out our schedules, learned the routines, avoided the allergic people,  and comforted those that needed comforting. She stayed away when things  were hectic and greeted people when they arrived. I am grateful for the  many gifts, cards, comments, photos, letters and thoughtfulness you brought not just to Killer but to all of us at Station 57  It will  intensify the already heartbreaking burden of saying good-bye to Killer  to lose this wonderful outlet I had of sharing her with you. I LOVED  writing for Killer. I LOVED interacting with you all. If you'd like to  friend me on my regular Instagram account I will welcome your friendship there  (@nancy_pantz1026) , though I'll.warn you, my regular account is pretty  lackluster. 


About Station57Cat

Get to Know the Celebrity


She was a killer.. so there! Click here to learn more about her story and how she got to live with these silly humans in Brooklyn, New York...

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Stuff She Likes


Here's some fun web pages with info about how you humans can support the causes she liked. And snacks. She always wanted snacks.

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Her Humans and their Mission


The silly humans. They loved her bunches, and they serve a noble purpose in the FDNY, saving lives and stuff. Click here for more information!

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Video of Killer being Sweet

This was the time when she really became famous on that silly "Dodo" website... humans apparently like this interwebs thingy... she just wanted snacks and a nap!